German Luxury Cars

German Luxury Cars

See the luxury cars of Germany as I strolled down “Goethe Strasse” in downtown Frankfurt, Germany.

Check out an Aston Martin and a beautiful V12 Mercedes SL65 AMG.
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6 Responses

  1. Blanla Bluberfasel says:

    +monkeyboy308 vw is for loser 

  2. Jimbonk Buchanon says:

    I rated. I’m already subscribed. And I’m commenting now. You should have
    keyed that Mercedes! Ho ho ho! By the way, who’s that hottieeee you’re
    with? She looks zee German.

  3. ChefStedman says:

    A fellow Muse fan, I love it. That’s one of the more rare “B Sides”. I’m
    glad you recognized it. 🙂

  4. brandtalln says:

    I would just like to thank you for the Muse!

  5. brandtalln says:

    And I’m glad you used it. (I’m also glad you’ve posted some great cooking
    videos. I watched those first, I promise. The seared roast, balsamic
    reduction and asparagus was simple, as cooking should be, and was even
    delicious when I tried it. Post some more videos if you have free time!)

  6. monkeyboy308 says:

    The SL65 is not the black series right? lol wowi love the fact how u
    skipped every single Volksswagen like it wasnt a german car. lol.